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About Us

Meet the Rasadoodle Family

Rasadoodle Puppies is located in the beautiful farmland area of Ogden, Utah. It is in the shadows of the Wasatch Mountains that we raise our family and our animals. We've recently acquired a little more land. Soon we will move onto our 9 acre farm. More room for dogs and kids to run and thoroughly enjoy life. 

Our introduction to Bernese Mountain Dogs began in 2014 when we did long-term care of a friends Bernese dog while they were between homes. We fell in love with their dog and the Bernese breed. We bought our own Bernese soon thereafter. In addition to our Berners, we have Australian Shepherds. Growing up farming and ranching, we found Aussies to be excellent dogs. They are extremely smart, have great looks, and make great companions. We cross our Berners and Aussies with top quality Poodles. Our poodles are right full of personality and beauty. Crossing the poodle with these breeds capitalizes on the hybrid vigor of the two crossed breeds, extending the length of life, overall health, and intelligence of the dogs. Check out their profiles for more information about specific dogs.

Our dogs spend quality time with our family. We have 7 children who run with, swim with, throw balls with, and relax with each of our dogs. Our dogs and puppies are extremely well socialized and have received exposure to a variety of sights and sounds. From day one, our puppies are held and played with by a variety of kids and people. We own a small acreage complemented with horses, cows, chickens, ducks, pigs, and cats. Our completely fenced in property makes for the perfect safe place for dogs and kids alike to play and develop.

When we decided to raise dogs we decided we wanted the best. Each of our dogs are registered, receive genetic testing, are current on vaccinations and wormings, and receive the loving care and attention all dogs deserve.


Call today to reserve a puppy or learn more about our stud services.

We are happy to answer any questions and will respond as quickly as possible.

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