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Genetic Health Guarantee

Superior Health

You will LOVE Rasadoodle Puppies top quality Bernedoodle and Aussiedoodle puppies! They each are the product of crossing beautiful, genetically tested parents, with great dispositions. Each puppy receives Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS). ENS is a scientifically proven neurological stimulation by Dr. Carmen Battaglia that helps create lifelong greater tolerance to stress, stronger heart rate, stronger adrenal system, and greater resistance to disease. Overall it helps them live a long and healthy life.

Because each of our adult dogs recieve genetic health screenings, we are able to offer a 2-year genetic health guarantee!

Life Threatening Diseases

Your puppy is warrantied for 2 years against all life threatening genetic illnesses. This would include things such as internal organ malformities and genetic diseases. The guarantee does not include environmental diseases such as Parvovirus and Coronavirus or other vaccinated diseases. Additionally, it is extremely common for puppies to have a variety of parasitic organisms such as worms, coccidia or giardia. A puppy can carry these microorganisms and never show symptoms of them until a stressor in your puppy’s life (change of food, going to a new home, etc.) suddenly makes them manifest symptoms. These are normally easily treated and are not covered in the guarantee. Additionally, treatment of these items is at the expense of the new owner.

Vaccinations and Your Puppy’s Health

Your puppy has received its first vaccination and has been dewormed on a regular schedule. However, your puppy does not build full immunity until after its third vaccination. Therefore, it is critical you protect your puppy from all potential sources of disease. These include, but are not limited to things such as high traffic areas for other dogs such as dog parks and walking trails. It is possible that a dog or dogs carrying diseases potentially harmful to your puppy has been there. Often, those dogs do not show symptoms of any sickness as they have high immunity. Another place that is potentially dangerous (disease wise) for your puppy are veterinary clinics, as many sick dogs frequent them. When you need to take your puppy to the Veterinarian, take extra precautions such as carrying your puppy into and out of the clinic without ever letting it touch the floor or other surfaces prone to germs. You may want to consider bringing a towel or other item that you can set on the counter for your puppy to stand on during its exam. Your puppy should receive an additional vaccination every 4 weeks following the first vaccination. After the 3rd vaccination, puppy immunity increases significantly, and it becomes much safer to let your puppy go where other dogs have been.

Physical Maladies

Certain physical maladies are common in puppies. Some of the most common ones are umbilical hernias, extra teeth, misaligned cross bite, undescended testicles, etc. These are non-life threatening and most often do not affect the quality of your puppy’s life. Each of these are easily fixed if desired. None of these items are covered in your puppy guarantee and treatment of such will be the responsibility of the new owner.

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